Substantial - To This Union A Sun Was Born - LP

Substantial - To This Union A Sun Was Born - LP

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Deluxe edition limited 12" double LP of Substantial's classic debut album, To This Union A Sun Was Born. Executive produced by the late Japanese producer, Nujabes, this deluxe version was pressed on 180 gram heavy black vinyl and includes Nujabes' remix of Ain't No Happy Endings and If I Was Your Mic Live in NYC

Includes digital download card.

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Substantial's debut album featuring production from the late greats Nujabes, and Monorisick, now known as DJ Deckstream. This deluxe edition features three bonus tracks, including the DJ Kiyo remix and Live Version of "If I Was Your Mic", and a never heard before Remix of "Ain't No Happy Endings" by Nujabes.

Originally released on October 19, 2001 

Track Listing & Production Credits 

01. Intro / Beatbox by: Substantial 
02. Substance / Produced by: Nujabes 
03. CIM / / Produced by: Nujabes 
04. More Than A Game / Produced by: Monorisick* 
05. Somebody Stole My... / Produced by: Nujabes 
06. If I Was Your Mic / Produced by: Nujabes 
07. Home Sweet Home / Produced by: Monorisick* 
08. Kalitwutchawon2 / Produced by: Monorisick* 
09. Be People / Produced by: Nujabes 
10. The Love Song ft. Hana / Produced by: Nujabes 
11. Bananas / Produced by: Nujabes 
12. Remembering Dave / Produced by: Nujabes 
13. Ain't No Happy Endings / Produced by: Nujabes 
14. If I Was Your Mic [Live in NYC] / Lead & Bass Guitar by: The Onliest + Drums by: Swiss Chris 
15. If I Was Your Mic [DJ Kiyo Remix] 
16. Ain't No Happy Endings [Nujabes Remix] 

*Monorisick is now known as DJ Deckstream